January 2010

Chusna & Ayu had their pre-wedding photographs taken during their actual day wedding in December last year and it was a simple 2 hours of fun & sweet moments. Every little thing Chusna do will make Ayu smile and laugh, it’s really amazing to have a humorous hubby as the photo outcome is so natural.

Special thanks to Chusna & Ayu 😉

Woopie~! Photos of Roger Dubuis Charity Event were published in 2 full page spread of a posh magazine- Designare, Issue Jan 2010, Intimate Do. I will provide more details once i received the magazine.

Here are the 2 screenshots from Designare official website:

Special thanks to Don & Designare magazine.

On 19 November 2009, i documented Roger Dubuis Charity Event at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore. It was a private event with lots of celebrities and famous people supporting the charity act. Lets see who we can spot in the photographs.

More photographs will be published in Designare, Jan 2010 Issue 🙂

Special thanks to Don & Alfred Ng.

During the last week of November 2009, I brave the stormy seas and the hot pricky sun to document Longzhu Group’s BoHai No.4 Oil Rig installation on Transshelf Vessel. It was worth all the troubles as it was an eye opening experience for me to climb on and explore the vessel, but never as great as capturing the whole installation process on photography.

The photos I’m sharing here are more of an artistic documentary from my point-of-view. Cheers & enjoy~ SET SAIL~!

Day 1: Constructing the basic structure for the oil rig to rest on.

Day 2: Oil Rig installation process.

Day 3: Stabilizing the oil rig onto the structure & vessel.

Woohoo & rejoice~!

Another publication of my event photos in Singapore Art Gallery Guide, January 2010, Look Back Pg 79. It was the event photographed in Late Novemeber: Citibank Private Event @ Mulan Gallery There’s more publication to come soon and hopefully my clients remember to inform me when it’s published 🙂

Please stay tune for more documentary and wedding photography by ArronTeo.com 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

I should start my 1st post in 2010 with a publication of Lucky Plazas opening night event in Singapore Art Gallery Guide, November 2009, Look Back, Pg 76. There will be more publication to come soon 🙂

Please stay tune for more documentary and wedding photography by ArronTeo.com 🙂

Cheers and love 2010!