My photography coverage of France’s National Day on 14th July 2010 at the French Residence was featured in Designare (Homme)  Magazine Vol. 15, August 2010 issue in Dates section. I went, I saw and I photographed lots of Ministers, Ambassadors and yummy breads too! It’s good to see Prof Ho Peng Kee (Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Law and Home Affairs) and Mr Olivier Caron (French Ambassadors) doing a “yumseng” for France’s National Day!


About 2 months ago, in May 2010. I covered a press conference by UBS philanthropy Forum for Designare Magazine. It was challenging to capture the happy and smiley expressions as the forum was touching on a rather serious issue: helping poverty around the world. I was also amazed to see Cherie Blair, Mathias Terheggen, Kathryn Shih, Mario Marconi and Stelios Haji-Ioannou live at the press conference.

Designare Magazine, July 2010 Issue, Desginare Dates Section

On 5th February 2010, I documented Leszek Mozdzer- Chopin Impressions solo performance at Lasalle College of the Arts- SIA Theater. It was an “ear” opening experience to listen to a pianist of international standard play. I went, I shot, and I listened. Great life eh~! 🙂

These photos were published in Designare Magazine Vol.10, March 2010 issue.

I just bought this month’s Designare Magazine and this time round my photos of Leszek Mozdzer’s Chopin Impressions performance at Lasalle- SIA Theater was published! I must said it’s an enjoyment listening to Leszek playing the piano while i’m photographing. Best of all, people get to enjoy my photos! 😉

Remember RogerDubuis Chairity Event? Here’s the actual printout in the magazine! You can click on the thumbnail to view the enlarge version with readable text by Christabel Thio.

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Woopie~! Photos of Roger Dubuis Charity Event were published in 2 full page spread of a posh magazine- Designare, Issue Jan 2010, Intimate Do. I will provide more details once i received the magazine.

Here are the 2 screenshots from Designare official website:

Special thanks to Don & Designare magazine.

On 19 November 2009, i documented Roger Dubuis Charity Event at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore. It was a private event with lots of celebrities and famous people supporting the charity act. Lets see who we can spot in the photographs.

More photographs will be published in Designare, Jan 2010 Issue 🙂

Special thanks to Don & Alfred Ng.