I’m honoured to be invited by Jennifer Teo to be part of the upcoming WORK Exhibition at Post-Museum. I will be showcasing 3 of my ‘SG.Talents‘ photographs for this show and they will be up for sale too! Hope to see you there on the opening! 😉

Exhibition opening night on 24th April 2010, Saturday, 7.30pm
Post Museum is located @ 107+109 Rowell Rd
, Location Map

Exhibition Synopsis:

Work is an exhibition featuring old and new artworks on career, work, labour and other related issues.

Participating artists are Chan Mei Hsien, Mike Chang, Lucy Davis, Amanda Heng, Sean Lee, Lim Kok Boon, Seelan Palay, Arron Teo, Mark Thia, Twardzik Ching Chor Leng, Vincent Twardzik and Ye Ruoshi.

Organised by Post-Museum in conjunction to Labour Day, the exhibition seeks to question our achievements and positions as working people.

Admission is free, with artworks for sale.
Opening hrs: 6-10pm (Tue-Fri), 1-10pm (Sat+Sun), closed on Mon.

Additional Info: http://www.post-museum.org/work/index.html

I’m honoured to be featured by Singapore Art Gallery Guide (SAGG) in their April 2010 Issue. My Documentation on Singapore Ruins, titled “SG.Ruins Series: Jalan Sultan, 2007” was published in page 16 & 17 of SAGG. For the month of May, SAGG will also feature another SG.Ruins Series of mine, so stay tune for more SG.Ruins updates 😀

You can either grab a free copy of SAGG at all Artistic outlets around Singapore, such as Singapore Art Museum or Participating Art Galleries (SAGG website).

That’s my dog, Barney reading SAGG 😀

Feel free to read April Issue of Singapore Art Gallery Guide at the following link: http://www.sagg.com.sg/page/index2.php?option=com_php&Itemid=159&action=view


Download this issue in PDF format: http://www.sagg.com.sg/page/ebook/10apr-alsdfqoweiruq//sagg_10apr.pdf

Special thanks to René Daniels, Editor of SAGG & Irene Marx for the beautiful layout in SAGG.

It’s finally time to upload all the recent few months of Solemnisation & Wedding photography. Lets start with the Solemnisation of Geok Loon & Christly on 19 December 2009. You might even notice the familiar faces as Geok Loon is Julian & Michelle (see http://www.arronteo.com: Julian & Michelle Solemnisation)

Christly’s father-in-law to be making a cheeky joke 🙂

Heavens is shedding tears of happiness for the couple!

Special thanks to Julian & Michelle

On 5th February 2010, I documented Leszek Mozdzer- Chopin Impressions solo performance at Lasalle College of the Arts- SIA Theater. It was an “ear” opening experience to listen to a pianist of international standard play. I went, I shot, and I listened. Great life eh~! 🙂

These photos were published in Designare Magazine Vol.10, March 2010 issue.

Sometime ago in early January 2010, I spend 1 full working day at Eltra Aeronautics, Singapore to document their team work & operations. I was really honoured to work with them as their managing director, Mr Francis Liang gave me his full trust in handling this project. Francis’ vision was to bring fore a warm and humanistic touch into his company brochure using the journalistic photos that I had photographed. Eltra Aeronautics’ new company brochure was launched recently in February at the Singapore Air Show 2010. All the best to Eltra Aeronautics!

The photos I’m sharing here are more of an artistic documentary from my point-of-view.

Special thanks to Francis Liang & Team for being a wonderful host.

I just love to cover art events, mainly because I’m an artist by heart. 😉 Jack Ying Tan was the winner of France + Singapore New Generation Artists 2009 (FSNGA09). Being the winner of FSNGA09, Jack held her solo exhibition, Shifting (Re)iteration at Alliance Française de Singapour on 13 January 2010. This event was also in conjunction with the celebration of Societe General Private Banking Sponsorship of the Alliance Française Art Gallery.

A portrait of Jack & her artwork.

The star of the night~!

Wow! Time really flies and finally i have some time to share some events shot earlier this year. Lets start of with iGlocal Seminar at Singapore Management University on 23 January 2010. This Seminar was for local & international school students to learn about starting a social enterprise to help the needy while starting their own business. A very good learning experience for the students, teachers and myself 🙂

Special Thanks to Pixelens Productions for the referral

On 19 November 2009, i documented Roger Dubuis Charity Event at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore. It was a private event with lots of celebrities and famous people supporting the charity act. Lets see who we can spot in the photographs.

More photographs will be published in Designare, Jan 2010 Issue 🙂

Special thanks to Don & Alfred Ng.

Woohoo & rejoice~!

Another publication of my event photos in Singapore Art Gallery Guide, January 2010, Look Back Pg 79. It was the event photographed in Late Novemeber: Citibank Private Event @ Mulan Gallery There’s more publication to come soon and hopefully my clients remember to inform me when it’s published 🙂

Please stay tune for more documentary and wedding photography by ArronTeo.com 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

I should start my 1st post in 2010 with a publication of Lucky Plazas opening night event in Singapore Art Gallery Guide, November 2009, Look Back, Pg 76. There will be more publication to come soon 🙂

Please stay tune for more documentary and wedding photography by ArronTeo.com 🙂

Cheers and love 2010!