November 2010

iPhone 4 camera’s Bokeh is goooooood~ =P

Catch me at Esplanade: The Tunnel, Singapore in documenting of Ms Tang Ling Nah’s The World Outside ≪外面的世界≫ from 1st to 12th November 2010.

Exhibition starts now until 2 January 2011. Please do not touch the charcoal drawing when visiting. Thank you for your kind understanding.

On 8th October 2010, I was photo-documenting the opening Narratives of the East by Zheng Yu Kui and Song Xiao Ling at Mulan Gallery, Singapore. Everyone was amazed by the quality of the ceramics created by the couple-artists from China. I would put it as “Family Oriented Artwork”, whereby family values & aesthetics were considered and included into the art making. Beautiful works! All the best to Yu Kui & Xiao Ling.

Excited guests keep streaming in

Xiao Ling smiling at the wonderful comments she received.

Yu Kui was saying “Hey! look at that handsome photographer!” 😉

“Wah… this is a must get!”

Autographing session.

From Left to Right: Xiao Ling (Artist), Patricia (Gallery Director), Francis and Yu Kui (Artist).