I’m honoured to be featured by Singapore Art Gallery Guide (SAGG) in their April 2010 Issue. My Documentation on Singapore Ruins, titled “SG.Ruins Series: Jalan Sultan, 2007” was published in page 16 & 17 of SAGG. For the month of May, SAGG will also feature another SG.Ruins Series of mine, so stay tune for more SG.Ruins updates 😀

You can either grab a free copy of SAGG at all Artistic outlets around Singapore, such as Singapore Art Museum or Participating Art Galleries (SAGG website).

That’s my dog, Barney reading SAGG 😀

Feel free to read April Issue of Singapore Art Gallery Guide at the following link: http://www.sagg.com.sg/page/index2.php?option=com_php&Itemid=159&action=view


Download this issue in PDF format: http://www.sagg.com.sg/page/ebook/10apr-alsdfqoweiruq//sagg_10apr.pdf

Special thanks to René Daniels, Editor of SAGG & Irene Marx for the beautiful layout in SAGG.

During the last week of November 2009, I brave the stormy seas and the hot pricky sun to document Longzhu Group’s BoHai No.4 Oil Rig installation on Transshelf Vessel. It was worth all the troubles as it was an eye opening experience for me to climb on and explore the vessel, but never as great as capturing the whole installation process on photography.

The photos I’m sharing here are more of an artistic documentary from my point-of-view. Cheers & enjoy~ SET SAIL~!

Day 1: Constructing the basic structure for the oil rig to rest on.

Day 2: Oil Rig installation process.

Day 3: Stabilizing the oil rig onto the structure & vessel.

This is the part 2 of 2.

The second photography documentation of the actual product launch falls on 4th September 2009 at TCC Clark Quay. I covered the afternoon session of the corporate clients viewing and testing of EnGenius latest products. They also did a test by installing a wireless router in a Maxicab and drove around the city to test out its capability. It really works!

I like how the supervisor standing behind to oversee the router installation process in the maxi cabs, more maxi cabs in the glass reflection. 🙂

surfing something cheeky in the cab… giggles giggles…

Good service warming up cheer!

Doing a 7th month getai auction style promo, i think it’s really interesting as they get the clients to hook up bidding.

Good food from TCC

Team EnGenius 🙂 (Notice the boss in the center having a halo?)

This is the 1st part of 2.

On 31st August 2009, I was engaged by RewardsLINK do a case study photo documentation of EnGenius new product- a new wireless router which you can tap into even when you are far away from the office.

I’m so honored to be Desmond & Christine wedding photographer on 14 June 2009. Arty people weds at arty location, Singapore Art Museum. It’s really an arty farty wedding 😉

Sometime ago in May,  I was working with Hawaii Landscape, Singapore to document their landscaping portfolio for their upcoming competition. I was thrilled as this is one of the big project for us both. I wish them all the best in the competition.

On 10 June 2009, I was engaged by Subhas, famous Indian contemporary artist based in Singapore to document her Masters Degree Graduation artworks/installation during the opening reception of “The Elephant in the Room” at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. I’m proud be an official artist’s photographer for the night. 😉

Subhas & Her Baby Girl