August 2009

Oh finally! New paintings for 2009 and they are currently on show at D’Peak Gallery, Singapore until 27 September 2009, Sunday.

Click here for more details of WǒMén Show

A preview of my 3 latest paintings (best view in actual painting for details and depth created by oil glazing technique):

Withered Paradise 6
Mixed Media on Linen
100 x 150cm

Withered Paradise 7
Mixed Media on Linen
155 x 90cm

Withered Paradise 8
Mixed Media on Linen
155 x 90cm

On 16 August, I teamed up with Pixelens Production to cover Mead Johnson Parenting Circle 2009 at Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This is my 2nd cross-border photography project.

Full of kids, full of laughter! Of course, not to missed out the wonderful speakers to enlighten the guests how to teach their children $$$ management.

Parents playing at the Seminar room (ice breaking game)

Kids playing at the kids corner

Little girl watching Madagascar 2, she must be enjoying the show while licking her fingers 😛

Special thanks to Pixelens Production, Singapore

I have just received Thumbs Up News Paper- Issue 21 (2009) article from Sabrina. The article is regarding the 3D workshop that i have conducted on 30 May 2009 at NAFA for primary school kids.

It’s amazing that i looked kind of fat due to the wide angle lens distortion 😦 But nevermind about it, most importantly i was featured in the article but too bad the part which they interviewed me was not included in this article due to space limitation.. Still cool enough to be featured! 🙂

Special thanks to Sabrina Long for e-mailing me this article.

WǒMén- my upcoming Art Exhibition with Janice Chin, curated by Jenn Choo and opens this 28 August, friday evening 7pm at D’peak Gallery, Singapore. Free Admission.

“Wǒmén” as titled in this exhibition, suggests a double entendre. While literally meaning women – a subject widely interpreted in both artists’ works; “Wǒmén” also reads 我們 -“we or us” in hanyu pinyin – denoting the perceptions and narrations of these subjects with focus to the psyche of the both artists. Adopting different aspects of approach, artists Arron Teo and Janice Chin display a striking visual dialogue to represent a sphere of unconscious perception and behavior, to confront the logical and illogical, while questioning one’s identity and anonymity. This exhibition challenges viewers to look at the images of women beyond its formal and pictorial language, directing one on a journey of multi-layered perceptions, emotional interpretations, and the “divergent” mode of thought, stirring one’s hidden stimuli and sensations.

WǒMén is a Partner Program of Singapore Art Show 2009

D’Peak Gallery address (click address for map):
Eunos Technolink Block 7, Kaki Bukit Road 1, #01-07, Singapore 415 937

gallery office:
+65 6848 9266

Exhibition runs to 27 September 2009
Opening hours:
11am to 7pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday, Public Holiday by Appointment only.

This is so exciting, A Little Dream– a live band have featured my photos of Jayce & Huifen Wedding in their blog! 🙂

Check out A Little Dream‘s blog here:

Zhiguang and Huifen, 2 Aug 09, Tian Guo Fo Tang

A Little Dream really gave the wedding banquet a magical experience with their marvelous singing. *2 Thumbs Up!*

Note: I’m not the main photographer for the wedding banquet, just a Kaypo* photographer who can’t stick his butt on the chair and enjoy the food. 😉

*Kaypo: Singlish for busybody

Special Thanks to Chen Hsin Yeow

I’m so honored to be Desmond & Christine wedding photographer on 14 June 2009. Arty people weds at arty location, Singapore Art Museum. It’s really an arty farty wedding 😉

Deepak & Diya’s birthday party at Annalakshmi, 28 June 2009. Happy kids, happy parents & great indian food! 😀 Working as a photographer gives you the chance to eat good food! 😀

23 June 2009, I did a simple model & interior photography shoot for Perfect Potion to use on their brochure and promotional purpose. Nice place for aroma therapy.

Model: Angelyn Lee

Sometime ago in May,  I was working with Hawaii Landscape, Singapore to document their landscaping portfolio for their upcoming competition. I was thrilled as this is one of the big project for us both. I wish them all the best in the competition.