I have just received Thumbs Up News Paper- Issue 21 (2009) article from Sabrina. The article is regarding the 3D workshop that i have conducted on 30 May 2009 at NAFA for primary school kids.

It’s amazing that i looked kind of fat due to the wide angle lens distortion 😦 But nevermind about it, most importantly i was featured in the article but too bad the part which they interviewed me was not included in this article due to space limitation.. Still cool enough to be featured! 🙂

Special thanks to Sabrina Long for e-mailing me this article.


It’s been sometime since i had time to update my blog. I was so busy in the month of June that the 1st 2weeks, i was conducting workshops non-stop, back-to-back. On the 3rd Week, i visited the beautiful ancient ruins of Cambodia- Angkor Wat. Unfortunately, I was down with a food poisoning on my 4th & 5th day there… After returning on the 4th week, i was called back for Reservist (called to serve the nation) for a week…

I should start my new update with an interview article before all the photos and art pieces comes in. Interviewed by Kelvin Ng for Wealth Magazine Vol. III No.1: Man of Values (2009), Special Report: Singing for Supper- Artists who ‘suffer’ for their art.

Full article can be read from the following scanned images:

Special thanks to Jennifer Teo & Kelvin Ng