On 22 September 2010, I photo-documented the opening of 2nd France + Singapore New Generation Artists 2010 (FSNGA) Finalist Exhibition at Alliance Française de Singapour. The new generation French and Singapore artists, namely, Fanise Clara, Thomas Kimmerlin and Fabienne Tsaoussis from France, and Ashley Yeo, Simond Chew, Sebastian-Mary Tay Jiun Lin, Shing Ming, Ho Leng, Michael Gabriel Goh and Dina Razak from Singapore.

I am very happy to witness Michael Gabriel who was my student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts crowned Winner for FSNGA2010. Congrats Michael!

Welcome Yves Corbel, The New Executive Director of Alliance Française de Singapour

Kwok Kian Chow & Yves Corbel congratulating.

That’s the Winner Michael, receiving a warm hug from Jiun Lin


I have just received Thumbs Up News Paper- Issue 21 (2009) article from Sabrina. The article is regarding the 3D workshop that i have conducted on 30 May 2009 at NAFA for primary school kids.

It’s amazing that i looked kind of fat due to the wide angle lens distortion 😦 But nevermind about it, most importantly i was featured in the article but too bad the part which they interviewed me was not included in this article due to space limitation.. Still cool enough to be featured! 🙂

Special thanks to Sabrina Long for e-mailing me this article.

On 30 May 2009, I was invited by Ms Sabrina Long, Head of 3D Department, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts to conduct 1 of the 3D workshop for Thumbs Up Newspaper (大拇指)readers. My theme was based on “Architecture”, so the kids have to build their own futuristic architecture model from recycle materials. Assisted by Teo Huey Chia & Joe, they were of very great help and we all had our fair share of fun together with the kids.

The following photo documentation of the workshop is by Huey Chia. Special thanks to her for the marvelous photos.

Students listening to my long-winded lecture, they just can’t wait to start. Joe in grey standing at the back.

Conceptualizing through sketching & drawing

Everyone was focusing on constructing their own futuristic architecture.

Short-listed work 1

Short-listed work 2 (this was the juries choice which won the overall best model award)

Short-listed work 3

That’s me in pink pointing, basically everyone is pointing during the judging of short-listed works…

I have to give a speech on my  short-listed selections

All the short-listed winners, lecturers & assistants taking a thumbs up style group photo.

The beautiful 大姐姐 is Huey Chia posing with Overall Winner小妹

A very special thanks to Sabrina Long, Teo Huey Chia & Joe

On 10 June 2009, I was engaged by Subhas, famous Indian contemporary artist based in Singapore to document her Masters Degree Graduation artworks/installation during the opening reception of “The Elephant in the Room” at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. I’m proud be an official artist’s photographer for the night. 😉

Subhas & Her Baby Girl