A very special thanks to Corrine Guo for selecting & featuring me in Artinasia.com. I’m now officially part of their Artists database 🙂

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WǒMén- my upcoming Art Exhibition with Janice Chin, curated by Jenn Choo and opens this 28 August, friday evening 7pm at D’peak Gallery, Singapore. Free Admission.

“Wǒmén” as titled in this exhibition, suggests a double entendre. While literally meaning women – a subject widely interpreted in both artists’ works; “Wǒmén” also reads 我們 -“we or us” in hanyu pinyin – denoting the perceptions and narrations of these subjects with focus to the psyche of the both artists. Adopting different aspects of approach, artists Arron Teo and Janice Chin display a striking visual dialogue to represent a sphere of unconscious perception and behavior, to confront the logical and illogical, while questioning one’s identity and anonymity. This exhibition challenges viewers to look at the images of women beyond its formal and pictorial language, directing one on a journey of multi-layered perceptions, emotional interpretations, and the “divergent” mode of thought, stirring one’s hidden stimuli and sensations.

WǒMén is a Partner Program of Singapore Art Show 2009

D’Peak Gallery address (click address for map):
Eunos Technolink Block 7, Kaki Bukit Road 1, #01-07, Singapore 415 937

e-mail: dpeakgallery@universalcollectionpl.com
gallery office:
+65 6848 9266

Exhibition runs to 27 September 2009
Opening hours:
11am to 7pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday, Public Holiday by Appointment only.

On 10 June 2009, I was engaged by Subhas, famous Indian contemporary artist based in Singapore to document her Masters Degree Graduation artworks/installation during the opening reception of “The Elephant in the Room” at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. I’m proud be an official artist’s photographer for the night. 😉

Subhas & Her Baby Girl

I was amazed when my friend and student told me that my article on OMY.sg was published in U-Weekly 优周刊, Issue No.174, Pg. 70 & My Paper 我报, 6 Apr 09, Pg  B12. It’s interesting to see this article getting published in hardcopy newspaper and magazine, but sad to see that my nude painting was cropped. Such a good way to censor my paintings…

Special Thanks to Wendy Tan for My Paper & Rowena Lim for U-Weekly notice.