Remember RogerDubuis Chairity Event? Here’s the actual printout in the magazine! You can click on the thumbnail to view the enlarge version with readable text by Christabel Thio.

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Check out my photos all over Eltra Aeronautics Brochure (looks more like a book), it’s like having a sponsor printing your photos into a publication! This is so cool~! 🙂

*Note: Airplanes photos on the cover page were not photographed by me.

You can view selected few other photos of the documentation here:

Special Thanks to Eltra Aeronautics & Team. If you are the designer who layout the photos in the brochure, please kindly let me know so that i can credit you too. Cheers! 🙂

Woopie~! Photos of Roger Dubuis Charity Event were published in 2 full page spread of a posh magazine- Designare, Issue Jan 2010, Intimate Do. I will provide more details once i received the magazine.

Here are the 2 screenshots from Designare official website:

Special thanks to Don & Designare magazine.

I have just received Thumbs Up News Paper- Issue 21 (2009) article from Sabrina. The article is regarding the 3D workshop that i have conducted on 30 May 2009 at NAFA for primary school kids.

It’s amazing that i looked kind of fat due to the wide angle lens distortion 😦 But nevermind about it, most importantly i was featured in the article but too bad the part which they interviewed me was not included in this article due to space limitation.. Still cool enough to be featured! 🙂

Special thanks to Sabrina Long for e-mailing me this article.