Chusna & Ayu had their pre-wedding photographs taken during their actual day wedding in December last year and it was a simple 2 hours of fun & sweet moments. Every little thing Chusna do will make Ayu smile and laugh, it’s really amazing to have a humorous hubby as the photo outcome is so natural.

Special thanks to Chusna & Ayu 😉

On 4th October 2009, I did a Family Portraiture shoot for Ivan Chan & Wendy Yeo at their new place a few hours before the celebration of their baby girl, Cheralynn’s 1st Birthday Party.

2 cute little girls + daddy & mummy = a happy family 🙂

Portrait of the family sofa and Ivan’s family photo artwork on the wall

Handsome Daddy & Happy Baby

Happy family at their balcony 🙂

Sometime back in August around Singapore’s National Day period. I did an album cover shoot for “Give it All” produced by Dotty Music Productions. However due to some changes in original plan, the photos & concept were not used in the final production.

Nonetheless, i will be sharing the photos here for a special preview. Please support the CD sales @ $10 each for social & charity clauses. More info at: http://projectgiveitall.wordpress.com/

From Left: Eugenia, Joe Tan (Composer), Zi Jie & Daniel

Zi Jie, Singer for released album

Joe, Composer

Daniel, Singer for released album

Eugenia, Singer

Agnes, Singer

Amanda, Singer

There’s another 2 singers for the released album, Nina & Gayle which i didn’t managed to photograph due to the change of original plans. I will be looking forward for the Give it All gig which i would be the official photographer to document the event 🙂

Cheers & All the Best!

A week ago, I was helping my cousin, Gerald to build up his portfolio for his interests in the entertainment industry. He models, acts, writes & hopes to be a director in the near future. All the best in his career 🙂

More photos at Zhang3Feng Art//Photography Under Portraiture section 🙂





12 April 2009, I set up a mini studio space at Jymmy & Melissa’s sweet home for a mom-to-be photoshoot. Expecting their 1st child on mid-may, I was invited to document this special moment for them and baby Issac. A very natural couple who have no problem posing infront of the camera~ i guess baby Issac is going to be the next hottest baby model around soon!

Special Thanks to Jayce Ng for the recommendation