“This Way Up”

For people who were unable to visit Eye é City 2009 Exhibition at Substation and Jurong Regional Library last month, “This Way Up” photograph was selected for Eye é City 2009 Exhibition & Publication. This photo was photographed at Mount Vernon Crematorium 翡珑山, during the last day of 2009. When most people were busy preparing for 2010 count down, there were a few who chose to burn “paper money” and give prayers to the deceased.

Eye é City 2009 Publication will be out later this year as a collaboration with Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD).

Special Thanks to all Eye é City Committee & Volunteers who put in lots of precious time and effort to keep this meaningful photography event going year after year. More info about Eye é City at: http://images.eyeecity.multiply.com/

My photo “This Way Up” was selected for Eye é City 2009 Exhibition. This exhibition showcase many great documentry photographs of people and urban shot during Singapore last 24hours in 2009.

The photography will be ending in about a week time on 28 August 2010 at Jurong Regional Library, 10am to 9pm. Please feel free to come down and support this very meaningful exhibition which is at its 9th year now.

All the best everyone!

More details of exhibition here.

Check out my photos all over Eltra Aeronautics Brochure (looks more like a book), it’s like having a sponsor printing your photos into a publication! This is so cool~! 🙂

*Note: Airplanes photos on the cover page were not photographed by me.

You can view selected few other photos of the documentation here: https://zhang3feng.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/eltra-aeronautics-operation-documentation/

Special Thanks to Eltra Aeronautics & Team. If you are the designer who layout the photos in the brochure, please kindly let me know so that i can credit you too. Cheers! 🙂

Sometime ago in early January 2010, I spend 1 full working day at Eltra Aeronautics, Singapore to document their team work & operations. I was really honoured to work with them as their managing director, Mr Francis Liang gave me his full trust in handling this project. Francis’ vision was to bring fore a warm and humanistic touch into his company brochure using the journalistic photos that I had photographed. Eltra Aeronautics’ new company brochure was launched recently in February at the Singapore Air Show 2010. All the best to Eltra Aeronautics!

The photos I’m sharing here are more of an artistic documentary from my point-of-view.

Special thanks to Francis Liang & Team for being a wonderful host.

During the last week of November 2009, I brave the stormy seas and the hot pricky sun to document Longzhu Group’s BoHai No.4 Oil Rig installation on Transshelf Vessel. It was worth all the troubles as it was an eye opening experience for me to climb on and explore the vessel, but never as great as capturing the whole installation process on photography.

The photos I’m sharing here are more of an artistic documentary from my point-of-view. Cheers & enjoy~ SET SAIL~!

Day 1: Constructing the basic structure for the oil rig to rest on.

Day 2: Oil Rig installation process.

Day 3: Stabilizing the oil rig onto the structure & vessel.