Wow! Time really flies and finally i have some time to share some events shot earlier this year. Lets start of with iGlocal Seminar at Singapore Management University on 23 January 2010. This Seminar was for local & international school students to learn about starting a social enterprise to help the needy while starting their own business. A very good learning experience for the students, teachers and myself 🙂

Special Thanks to Pixelens Productions for the referral


Sometime back in August around Singapore’s National Day period. I did an album cover shoot for “Give it All” produced by Dotty Music Productions. However due to some changes in original plan, the photos & concept were not used in the final production.

Nonetheless, i will be sharing the photos here for a special preview. Please support the CD sales @ $10 each for social & charity clauses. More info at:

From Left: Eugenia, Joe Tan (Composer), Zi Jie & Daniel

Zi Jie, Singer for released album

Joe, Composer

Daniel, Singer for released album

Eugenia, Singer

Agnes, Singer

Amanda, Singer

There’s another 2 singers for the released album, Nina & Gayle which i didn’t managed to photograph due to the change of original plans. I will be looking forward for the Give it All gig which i would be the official photographer to document the event 🙂

Cheers & All the Best!

It’s been quite sometime since i have designed a new logo. I was engaged by DottyMusic Productions recently to design their logo based on their social enterprise objectives.

The use of Braille font as a representation of the company name “Dotty Music” and also based on the notion that Music are meant to be felt by the heart as to braille have to be felt through touching to understand it. A contemporary and classy look is being portrayed through the use of red box and white dots.

They will be releasing their 1st album- Give it all soon to help the needy in Singapore and overseas.