I’m honored to have Mae Chong of PlusSixFive Magazine to feature my SG.Ruins Series in their lifestyle magazine. SG.Ruins is an ongoing journey which i started in 2007. These spaces which are in a state of ambiguity; whether to be demolished or to be revamped are calling out to me to tell their stories before Singaporeans forget about its existence. With more coverage from different medias both online & press, i hope these beautiful ruins continue to exist in both physical and in the hearts of all Singaporeans.

SG.Ruins: 448 Clementi Ave 3 series was also featured in this months Singapore Art Gallery Guide. More to come in my next update.

Check out the article written by Mae for PlusSixFive here: http://www.plussixfive.com/2010/10/20/sg-ruins-series-448-clementi-ave-3-arron-teo/


Special thanks to Adib for highlighting my feature in PlusSixFive in his Overmatter|Fivefootway blog: http://www.fivefootway.com/2010/10/23/overmatter/

Very special thanks to Mae Chong & Singapore Art Gallery Guide for the features.

Cheerios & peace on earth!

updated 28oct2010: Insert image & Overmatter|Fivefootway link.