On 16 May 2010, Sonas & Lihsang had a very simple Solemnisation at Jurong Country Club with close friends & relatives. As a buddy of Sonas, I was suppose to be there to witness the whole event and enjoy the vegetarian buffet, but somehow I found myself slinging a Nikon 35mm F/2 + D700 on my left shoulder and a Nikon 85mm F/1.4 + D700 on my right shoulder… The rest of the story is as followed:

Look at those envy faces!

This is totally cool! Have you seen a bride using a DSLR and shooting during her solemnisation?

Lihsang’s mom was caught by surprise with her girl posing behind her 🙂

Special thanks to Sonas & Lihsang for letting me test my new lens combination on their solemnisation procession. Love you 2 & all the best! ❤