About 2 months ago, in May 2010. I covered a press conference by UBS philanthropy Forum for Designare Magazine. It was challenging to capture the happy and smiley expressions as the forum was touching on a rather serious issue: helping poverty around the world. I was also amazed to see Cherie Blair, Mathias Terheggen, Kathryn Shih, Mario Marconi and Stelios Haji-Ioannou live at the press conference.

Designare Magazine, July 2010 Issue, Desginare Dates Section


I just bought this month’s Designare Magazine and this time round my photos of Leszek Mozdzer’s Chopin Impressions performance at Lasalle- SIA Theater was published! I must said it’s an enjoyment listening to Leszek playing the piano while i’m photographing. Best of all, people get to enjoy my photos! 😉