Times really flies, and it’s already almost 4 months from the day i photo-documented Terasaki Family Walk event on 10 July 2010. It was a day of family bonding and eco-lifestyle. Everyone was happy, so were the kids and monkey roaming around from Hort Park to Henderson Wave 🙂 It was really a great event!

This little one was ready to jump onto my camera!

Everyone loves monkey… i think almost everyone 😛

No.1 girl to walk uphill… Gosh! Kids are really full of energy!

Boys will be boys… no games no gain…

“where’s my prize?” asked the little girl

Adorable little japanese boy

At last, saying goodbye to everyone 🙂

Special thanks to Ardilles for the recommendation

On 22 November 2009, Habiba celebrates her 50th birthday with her friends and children. It was a surprise celebration from her really thoughtful children. A night of joy, indian drum beats & dance!

Special thanks to Ashley Mak for the referral.

Cheralynn celebrates her 1st Birthday on 4th October 2009 with lots of happy friends, uncles, aunties and not to miss out daddy, mummy & big sis 🙂

Big Sis hiding behind the sofa, waiting for guests to arrive

Birthday Girl, Cheralynn playing with the lollipop i gave her 🙂

On 4th October 2009, I did a Family Portraiture shoot for Ivan Chan & Wendy Yeo at their new place a few hours before the celebration of their baby girl, Cheralynn’s 1st Birthday Party.

2 cute little girls + daddy & mummy = a happy family 🙂

Portrait of the family sofa and Ivan’s family photo artwork on the wall

Handsome Daddy & Happy Baby

Happy family at their balcony 🙂