Happy 1st Birthday Brayan! Brayan, son of my 2008 wedding clients, Nick & Jane. Again, i’m going to repeat this, “TIME FLIES!” And Wow! On 18 September 2010, i was actually photographing Brayan’s 1st birthday! This little boy is so cool, he doesn’t smile, and keeps clam even when balloon bursts! I’m so glad to see my clients again and their new little member 😉 All the best Brayan!

Brayan enjoying being powdered 😀

Mummy & Brayan having fun with balloons

Grandpapa giving Brayan a birthday kiss. So sweet!

The birthday cake hungry boy.

It’s granny’s birthday too!

“It’s a purple elephant!”



Cheralynn celebrates her 1st Birthday on 4th October 2009 with lots of happy friends, uncles, aunties and not to miss out daddy, mummy & big sis 🙂

Big Sis hiding behind the sofa, waiting for guests to arrive

Birthday Girl, Cheralynn playing with the lollipop i gave her 🙂