On 23 April 2010, Hii Shiew Eng, a fresh BA(Hons) grad from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts held her 1st solo exhibition, Masquerade at Mulan Gallery. Congrats to Shiew Eng and all the best for your future endeavors. I’m also delighted to be your 1st solo exhibition photographer 😀

That’s Shiew Eng & her art patron 🙂

Point here…

Point there…

I think if you have been looking at the next few blog postings, you will noticed that all the events are around april and only posted 5 months later in September… Oh well ^.^U hey, i’m a busy busy person 😛


Kaleidoscope- A Reminiscence of Art Deco was an art deco furniture exhibition at Alliance Française Art Gallery on 27 April 2010. All the furniture exhibited are of authentic collection and all were well maintained. I wished i could own a few pieces of the furniture on show as they are really a work of art and a timeless collection.

I love that white sofa!

Mr Michael Ong happy with the works on exhibit

Black White Blinds had a special 2 days opening on 6 & 7 April 2010 at Alliance Française Art Gallery. Didier Bayle painted watercolour paintings of Singapore’s old colonial black & white houses, it’s rare now a days to see people still using watercolour as a medium in Singapore. Thumbs up to Didier Bayle for his beautiful portrayal of Singapore.

Didier Bayle and his speech

Didier Bayle giving art tour around the gallery

“mummy, don’t drool over the paintings~”

“This Way Up”

For people who were unable to visit Eye é City 2009 Exhibition at Substation and Jurong Regional Library last month, “This Way Up” photograph was selected for Eye é City 2009 Exhibition & Publication. This photo was photographed at Mount Vernon Crematorium 翡珑山, during the last day of 2009. When most people were busy preparing for 2010 count down, there were a few who chose to burn “paper money” and give prayers to the deceased.

Eye é City 2009 Publication will be out later this year as a collaboration with Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD).

Special Thanks to all Eye é City Committee & Volunteers who put in lots of precious time and effort to keep this meaningful photography event going year after year. More info about Eye é City at: http://images.eyeecity.multiply.com/

This is my 5th Series of SG.Ruins photographs showing in Singapore Art Gallery Guide (SAGG) September 2010 Issue. “SG.Ruins Series: Margaret Drive , 2010” was printed on page 12 & 13. 6C Margaret Drive will be demolished once all her “left-over” residents moves out. I do not wish that day to come soon to see another historical site vaporize into memories…

You can either grab a free copy of SAGG at all  major arty outlets around Singapore, such as Singapore Art Museum or Participating Art Galleries (SAGG website).

I caught Barney reading SAGG on his bed at night! :)

Feel free to read August Issue of Singapore Art Gallery Guide at the following link: http://www.sagg.com.sg/page/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=148&Itemid=169


Download this issue in PDF format: http://www.sagg.com.sg/page/ebook/10sep_qeoi527834f2n45243/sagg_10sep.pdf

Special thanks to René Daniels, Editor of SAGG & Irene Marx for the beautiful layout in SAGG.

My photography coverage of France’s National Day on 14th July 2010 at the French Residence was featured in Designare (Homme)  Magazine Vol. 15, August 2010 issue in Dates section. I went, I saw and I photographed lots of Ministers, Ambassadors and yummy breads too! It’s good to see Prof Ho Peng Kee (Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Law and Home Affairs) and Mr Olivier Caron (French Ambassadors) doing a “yumseng” for France’s National Day!

A few days ago, I received a priceless catalogue- Drawing Out Conversations: Taipei (Published by activated C Studio) from Tang Ling Nah. These photos were part of Ling Nah’s art process documentation in 2008 and recreated into Drawing the world-inside x outside in 2010 and it’s part of Drawing Out Conversations: Taipei at Nanhai Gallery, National Taipei University of Education, 20 June 2010 to 24 July 2010.

It’s great to see that my photographs are reaching out to international audiences 😀
Special thanks to Ms Tang Ling Nah.  More info on Drawing Out Conversations: Taipei at www.drawingoutconversations.com/taipei/