Weddings & Solemnisation

It’s finally time to upload all the recent few months of Solemnisation & Wedding photography. Lets start with the Solemnisation of Geok Loon & Christly on 19 December 2009. You might even notice the familiar faces as Geok Loon is Julian & Michelle (see Julian & Michelle Solemnisation)

Christly’s father-in-law to be making a cheeky joke πŸ™‚

Heavens is shedding tears of happiness for the couple!

Special thanks to Julian & Michelle


Chusna & Ayu had their pre-wedding photographs taken during their actual day wedding in December last year and it was a simple 2 hours of fun & sweet moments. Every little thing Chusna do will make Ayu smile and laugh, it’s really amazing to have a humorous hubby as the photo outcome is so natural.

Special thanks to Chusna & Ayu πŸ˜‰

On 15 November 2009, beside photographing Roy & Nana’s Solemnisation @ Shabuhana Japanese Restaurant, I was invited for an authentic Japanese cuisine. Special thanks to Roy & Nana for being a lovely couple & gracious host. πŸ˜‰

Earlier this month on the 3rd. I was engaged by Keith & Jaze to document their Solemnisation at Zhou’s Kitchen, Singapore. It was a very simple gathering with close friends and relatives, yet it is so happening that i managed to capture many natural expressions & moments.

Special Thanks to Peishi for the recommendation.

’20’09’2009′, one of the ultimate dates to get married in 2009. Ganesh & Praveena’s solemnisation at SIA Sports Club really kicked up a storm! It was nonstop music, dance and touchy speeches that would make you cry! I almost cried… so wrong for a photographer to do that >.< All the best to Ganesh & Praveena!

The receipt of tears

Little girl caught in the act of trying to be a table cloth πŸ˜›

“erm… are we suppose to dance?”

Boy: “Clear the way for the bride & groom!”

Ganesh & Praveena doing their 1st dance as a wedded couple πŸ™‚

This is the best moment… *hugs…*

I’m so honored to be Desmond & Christine wedding photographer on 14 June 2009. Arty people weds at arty location, Singapore Art Museum. It’s really an arty farty wedding πŸ˜‰

On 21st March 2009 @Β Regent Hotel, Singapore, Jimmy and SiauJiong are “finally tying the knot” as announced by the emcee, who are good friends of the couple. Truly a blissful marriage I would say as their actual day wedding photograper.

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