This is my 5th Series of SG.Ruins photographs showing in Singapore Art Gallery Guide (SAGG) September 2010 Issue. “SG.Ruins Series: Margaret Drive , 2010” was printed on page 12 & 13. 6C Margaret Drive will be demolished once all her “left-over” residents moves out. I do not wish that day to come soon to see another historical site vaporize into memories…

You can either grab a free copy of SAGG at all  major arty outlets around Singapore, such as Singapore Art Museum or Participating Art Galleries (SAGG website).

I caught Barney reading SAGG on his bed at night! :)

Feel free to read August Issue of Singapore Art Gallery Guide at the following link:


Download this issue in PDF format:

Special thanks to René Daniels, Editor of SAGG & Irene Marx for the beautiful layout in SAGG.