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Hello to everyone who stumble upon my Art//Photo blog intentionally or accidentally…

Yes, you must be thinking… What have Arron been doing for the past few months? Why isn’t there any update? Is Arron Teo actually still on Earth?

Erm… yeah, I’m still on earth and had been really busy over the past 3-4 months. So within this 1 month, I will updating my photoblogs with lots of photos from events that i have covered to actual day weddings and even a special edition photo-journalism series on my Japan holidays last December

So stay tunes and book mark Arron Teo: Art//Photo Blog!

Arron Teo from Planet Earth

Go Green, Save the Earth

iPhone 4 camera’s Bokeh is goooooood~ =P

Catch me at Esplanade: The Tunnel, Singapore in documenting of Ms Tang Ling Nah’s The World Outside ≪外面的世界≫ from 1st to 12th November 2010.

Exhibition starts now until 2 January 2011. Please do not touch the charcoal drawing when visiting. Thank you for your kind understanding.

On 8th October 2010, I was photo-documenting the opening Narratives of the East by Zheng Yu Kui and Song Xiao Ling at Mulan Gallery, Singapore. Everyone was amazed by the quality of the ceramics created by the couple-artists from China. I would put it as “Family Oriented Artwork”, whereby family values & aesthetics were considered and included into the art making. Beautiful works! All the best to Yu Kui & Xiao Ling.

Excited guests keep streaming in

Xiao Ling smiling at the wonderful comments she received.

Yu Kui was saying “Hey! look at that handsome photographer!” 😉

“Wah… this is a must get!”

Autographing session.

From Left to Right: Xiao Ling (Artist), Patricia (Gallery Director), Francis and Yu Kui (Artist).

2nd October 2010, was the 2nd Birthday of Rupika. She is so adorable and had so many friends who came and celebrated her birthday day at Annalaksami Janatha. It was a night of fun & laughter, especially the kids… nonstop fun infact 🙂 May all your wishes come true Rupika! 😉

Rupika was wondering what’s the uncle doing to her poster 😛

The Sister’s Touch

Daddy’s eyes telling his very emotions.

Rupika giving her hat to mummy instead

“Look, it’s Diya!”

Shower of blessings


Special Thanks to Bala & Subhas for the recommendation 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday Brayan! Brayan, son of my 2008 wedding clients, Nick & Jane. Again, i’m going to repeat this, “TIME FLIES!” And Wow! On 18 September 2010, i was actually photographing Brayan’s 1st birthday! This little boy is so cool, he doesn’t smile, and keeps clam even when balloon bursts! I’m so glad to see my clients again and their new little member 😉 All the best Brayan!

Brayan enjoying being powdered 😀

Mummy & Brayan having fun with balloons

Grandpapa giving Brayan a birthday kiss. So sweet!

The birthday cake hungry boy.

It’s granny’s birthday too!

“It’s a purple elephant!”


Times really flies, and it’s already almost 4 months from the day i photo-documented Terasaki Family Walk event on 10 July 2010. It was a day of family bonding and eco-lifestyle. Everyone was happy, so were the kids and monkey roaming around from Hort Park to Henderson Wave 🙂 It was really a great event!

This little one was ready to jump onto my camera!

Everyone loves monkey… i think almost everyone 😛

No.1 girl to walk uphill… Gosh! Kids are really full of energy!

Boys will be boys… no games no gain…

“where’s my prize?” asked the little girl

Adorable little japanese boy

At last, saying goodbye to everyone 🙂

Special thanks to Ardilles for the recommendation

On 22 September 2010, I photo-documented the opening of 2nd France + Singapore New Generation Artists 2010 (FSNGA) Finalist Exhibition at Alliance Française de Singapour. The new generation French and Singapore artists, namely, Fanise Clara, Thomas Kimmerlin and Fabienne Tsaoussis from France, and Ashley Yeo, Simond Chew, Sebastian-Mary Tay Jiun Lin, Shing Ming, Ho Leng, Michael Gabriel Goh and Dina Razak from Singapore.

I am very happy to witness Michael Gabriel who was my student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts crowned Winner for FSNGA2010. Congrats Michael!

Welcome Yves Corbel, The New Executive Director of Alliance Française de Singapour

Kwok Kian Chow & Yves Corbel congratulating.

That’s the Winner Michael, receiving a warm hug from Jiun Lin

I’m honored to have Mae Chong of PlusSixFive Magazine to feature my SG.Ruins Series in their lifestyle magazine. SG.Ruins is an ongoing journey which i started in 2007. These spaces which are in a state of ambiguity; whether to be demolished or to be revamped are calling out to me to tell their stories before Singaporeans forget about its existence. With more coverage from different medias both online & press, i hope these beautiful ruins continue to exist in both physical and in the hearts of all Singaporeans.

SG.Ruins: 448 Clementi Ave 3 series was also featured in this months Singapore Art Gallery Guide. More to come in my next update.

Check out the article written by Mae for PlusSixFive here: http://www.plussixfive.com/2010/10/20/sg-ruins-series-448-clementi-ave-3-arron-teo/


Special thanks to Adib for highlighting my feature in PlusSixFive in his Overmatter|Fivefootway blog: http://www.fivefootway.com/2010/10/23/overmatter/

Very special thanks to Mae Chong & Singapore Art Gallery Guide for the features.

Cheerios & peace on earth!

updated 28oct2010: Insert image & Overmatter|Fivefootway link.

Let there be Box, 2010, 61x41cm, Archival inkjet print on fine art paper, edition of 5

Let there be Box is currently on show in Creating Commonwealth at DLF Emporio Mall & Gallery Ragini, New Delhi, India from 1st October to 7th November 2010.

For more information on the exhibition, please click here.

Feel free to download the digital copy of CreatingCommonwealth Catalogue too.